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ABOUT Becky Halls.

I started my own agency after working 10 years as a Creative Director, for award winning design and development agencies, and laterly as part of the founding team responsible for building a world leading Mobile App DIY SaaS platform. Taking my passion for aesthetic design, development and creating something unique, I formed my own team comprised of the best and brightest, with each member of the team being recognised for their love of digital excellence.

We provide a full stack service, from concept Validation, Wireframing, UI/UX Design, through to Development, Launch and Growth strategies. All perfectly monitored and delivered with our dedicated Project Management team.

Our concept here at the Becky Halls Agency is to provide the convenience of in-house app design and development while remaining cost and time-efficient. Our goal is always to add value to your business. However, we're not just technologists, we're entrepreneurs at heart, with experience of growing ideas into multi-million-pound businesses. Our value-add is helping you navigate ideation validation and business model planning, to scaling out and growing your business, underpinned by awesome technology.

MissionPassionate Pixel Perfection.
The function of design is letting design function. We push boundaries to create something unique and beautiful, yet simple and practical.

ProcessGreat experiences build great brands.
Our creative process is based on research and strategic thinking. We visualise great ideas and develop brands with engaging solutions.

ValuesWe aren't afraid to fail.
We believe in honesty and embrace collaboration, preferring to work with our clients, rather than for them. The end user is always at the centre of our strategy.

Experiences & Skills!

Aesthetics, ergonomics and design should all be used to serve a purpose. We believe that every detail matters and that everything you see and don't see should have a meaning.


Creative Design and Development.

Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works. Design is how it functions.
For us, it's all about the love and the challenge of making something, and making it right!

We utilises the latest technologies to build solutions that help our clients increase sales reduce operational costs drive profit .

Creative Modern Design

Be a Unicorn unique

& Web

Cool Services.

We are a team working hard to achieve great things - whether that be app projects, large web and SaaS platforms, or creative digital growth strategies.
Dedication, planning and thought goes into each and every thing we do.


We don't want to blend into the crowd. We strive to push boundaries to create something new and exciting.


Beautiful always wins!
The life of a designer is a fight: a fight against the ugliness.


Most importantly our work has to function flawlessly. Brilliantly functional interface leaves clients and their customers happy, and that is something we always want.


  • Planning and Designing Projects

    We Do What We Love and We Love What We Do . This is The Basic Principle in Our Office...

  • The Creation Process

    We brainstorm ideas, research our market, and then create a theme and wireframes for each project.
    We might produce a several different themes... or you might love the very first one! Either way, we feel it's best to have choices.

  • Completing Awesome Projects

    Once we have our theme and workflow agreed, we get to work! We work through the entire project sending updates along the way... Many clients change their mind or have additional requirements along the way and that's fine! Design is always changing and evolving and we embrace that.

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Office: 39 Stoney Street, The Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1LX, UK

Call Us: +44 (0)115 857 3725

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